Aging process

10 Habits That Speed Up Aging Process

If you look older than you age, then several factors are responsible for it. Lifestyle changes do reflect in your personality and body. There are ten culprits that helps to speed up the aging process:


Low Fat Diet



It is essential to include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet in order to keep the skin smooth. A low fat diet causes premature skin aging.


Sleeping Sideways


Sleeping with face smashed into the pillow causes and increases wrinkles on chin and cheeks. As per experts sleeping flat on your back is the best as it helps to stay fresh, young and rested.


Sipping Through Straw


Lip pursing while sipping drinks can cause wrinkles and lines around mouth. Try having beverages directly from the glass.




Other than shortening your life smoking also activate enzymes that decreases the skin elasticity. The paleness and fine wrinkles that cigarettes cause is another reason to quit smoking.


Exposure To Sun-rays


Overexposure to sun rays is one of the major causes of early skin aging. Use sunscreen before stepping out of home even if the day is cloudy.


Poor Posture


Poor posture deviates the backbone from normal placement. As a result the bones and muscles become tense that results in fatigue and pain leading to eternal deformity.



If you consume more sugar than required the excess molecules will combine with proteins to form advanced glycation end-products that causes skin to crinkle as well as harden the cell structures.



As per studies conducted by experts, the more you spend time watching TV, life expectancy decreases by 22 minutes. While watching television, get up every half hour to walk.




Chronic stress damages the cells that speed up aging process. Reduce your stress levels.


Excess Makeup


Excess makeup can age you as it can clog your skin pores as well as cause outbreaks. Unnecessary use of fragrant skin products, alcohol, irritating chemicals may dry out the skin by stripping its natural oils causing premature lines.

How you live your life when young decides how you look and feel when you are old. Getting rid of bad habits at a young age could help you to lead healthy old age life.

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