Clean but full of germs

10 Things You Think Are Clean But Actually The Dirtiest

Germs are everywhere practically. They are hidden in the most unexpected places. We take in lot of efforts to keep our home clean. However, certain things we all overlook. Let us have a look at some of them:

Computer Keyboard


Computer keyboard is a favourable ground for bacteria as they are mostly not cleaned and have small crevices. Anything that is frequently touched carry maximum amount of germs and computer keyboard is one of them. Utilize a cleaner that is harmless for those type of surfaces.  

Shake out the dirt from the keyboard and vacuum it or use a keyboard specific cleaner. Avoid the usage of water however it can be wiped down lightly with alcohol wipe. Wash hands prior to using system and avoid coughing, sneezing as well as eating near the system.  

Welcome Door Mat


Welcome door mats have all the bugs that enter with the help of our shoes. The area near the front door is considered as one of the dirtiest in the house . Use fabric-safe disinfectant on the doormat once a week. Keep the shoes near the door and avoid resting any bags on it too.  

Mobile Phone


Cell phones carry tonnes of bacterium that can cause eye or skin or stomach ailments. Ensure you use a disinfecting wipe few times weekly and rest your personal items consciously.

Clean Often Touched Areas


Door knobs, cabinet door knobs, light switches, refrigerator door and hand rails are breeding grounds for micro organisms. They are frequently touched every day and overlooked while cleaning takes place. These are small things yet have enough room for bugs to settle.  

Your Toothbrush


On an average you use your toothbrush twice a day but there are microbes hiding on it too. You might rinse it off and store in a damp condition. Bacteria grows on moist area. Place it where air can dry out and not very close to the toilet. Do not forget to replace them often. It is also recommended to close toilet lid prior to flushing that will forbid the spread of germs.  

Table Condiments, Mats and Coasters


The table where you all sit down to eat can also be one of the germier place at home. It can be on the salt and pepper shakers or even on the table mats or coasters. Alternatively you can also wash your hands after and before the use of each of these things.

TV Remote Control


It is one of the items that is often dropped on the floor, kept in between the cushions and every family member handles it too. It is also one of the germiest. It can be wiped using an alcohol wipe or bleach. Nothing can beat washing hands regularly.  

Kitchen Sink


Food particles to rinsed or soaked dishes serve as a breeding ground for bacteria that causes illness. See to it that the sink is daily cleansed with cleaner once and letting the solution run down the drain. Do clean that too after removing drain plug. Thereafter wash hands properly.

Kitchen Sponge & Cutting Board


Sponge soaks water quickly and more so if its dirty thereby adding to germ survival. In fact kitchen sponge is also considered as the dirtiest of all. Soak them in lemon juice or even microwaving for a minute will kill most germs. One should also sanitize kitchen rags, towels by washing them with slight warm water with soap solution every one to two days.

Kitchen cutting board too is an abode of bacteria. You can spray vinegar, rest it overnight and mop with alcohol.

Scrub Garbage Can


The garbage can in the kitchen is also the most soiled one. In order to clean it cover the bottom with a baking powder solution. Swish it, wipe down the sides and water rinse the inside.  

Now you know here lies the illness causing micro -organisms. These are the things which are often over looked and thereby making our home filled with harmful viruses. Ensure thorough cleanup takes place at your home as much as possible and alert the family members too on how to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

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