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Adopt Healthy Habits For A Successful Weight Loss

Losing weight does involve dieting and other healthy habits. It is imperative to make lifestyle changes which helps in reducing weight or else obesity backslides. Weight loss depends on what you eat and how much you exercise your body. However, if you are concerned only about these factors then there are chances that you might not achieve the desired results. We have listed down few tips which aim to create a healthy lifestyle thereby aiding in a successful loss of weight:
Control the portion of food you take

It is one of the major challenges in weight loss. The more you pile food onto your plate; there is a pressure to finish it completely. Begin with small portions and take a little more if you are hungry. Keep in mind that your stomach should shrink to adapt to smaller meals. This is more important when you are not eating at home.

Have your food slowly

It will take some time for your body to realize that you have eaten and to stop sending hunger signals. Savour food gradually as this will make you eat less.

Eat Vegetables First

Vegetables are rich in fibre but have few calories. Having them first will make you eat less of high calorie or fatty food.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping of meals adds to your weight than losing it. Your body feels the starvation and in the process adds more fat to store energy. You will be double hungry for the next meal and this makes you eat more than you should be doing otherwise. It is advised to eat three small meals and in between munching on two or three healthy snacks.

Increase water consumption

Water keeps your stomach full throughout the day thereby assists you in your efforts of slimming down. Water has several benefits for your skin, circulatory and digestive systems.
Consume Healthy Snacks

Go for healthier alternatives like peanut butter, low fat cheese, whole grain crackers, nuts and dry fruits and more. Have a combination of snacks that consists of proteins, carbohydrates to make you feel complete for longer time.

Exercise frequently

Calories are burned through physical activity and it is must for losing that extra pounds. Ideally you should burn more calories than you eat. Dieting and exercise should go hand in hand.  Just any physical activity would do like a short walk or use of stairs or household chores and more.

Record your physical activities and food intake

Keep a track of what has gone into your stomach and the calories it contains. Do keep a record of the physical activities undertaken. This will help to calculate how many calories are being burned and how much are consumed.

Weight loss is a major part of healthy living. However, it has to be done in a healthy way and cannot be acheived overnight but with balanced diet, exercise and healthy habits.

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