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Beat The Summer Heat And Stay Cool With These Tips

Out of all the seasons that we have, summer is not the favourite of many. The reasons for which are scorching heat and sunlight, extremely high temperatures and sudden occurrence of heat waves. The only reason why summer might be a favourite is that you can have ice-creams and enjoy beach vacations with your family.

According to Ayurveda, the main principle of healthy living is to stay in balance. Therefore, in summer when the things heat up outside the key to perfect health is to find ways to cool down.

In Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha which are the three governing agents known as doshas are the basis of everything in the universe. Every aspect of nature is a combination of these doshas  – including the seasons as well.

You might wonder but every season has different effects on your body. Summertime is called Pitta season and it affects metabolism, digestion and all the heat in the mind and body. It affects your emotions too by making you impatient, agitated and angry.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us to maintain our cool and body heat balance. For this you can follow these tips to beat the summer heat and stay cool and enjoy summer rather than cursing it:

1. Avoid food that warm you up-


As your body temperatures is already high, you should consume food which lowers the heat in your body. Thus, items like chili curries, sour cream, hot pepper, garlic etc should be avoided.

2. Consume food that cool you down-


Sweet fruits like grapes, cherries, avocados, pineapples etc are to be favoured. Green leafy veggies, cucumber, sweet potatoes etc are also a good option.

3. Say no to Iced Water or Drinks-


Try to avoid taking iced water or drinks. The reason lies in the fact that the iced water extinguishes the flames of the digestive fire in your system which hinders proper digestion. So, just lay off the ice and go for room temperature so that all the good bits of your food get assimilated in your body.

4. Take frequent cool showers-


The more you shower, the better it is. Due to the scorching heat you get a lot of sweat. This sweat alleviates body odour as well. Thus, to keep yourself fresh and eliminate body odour you should take frequent cool water showers to keep yourself cool.

5. Proper Hydration-


During summers, your body tends to sweat a lot which thereby reduces the water level in the body and causes dehydration. So, it is important to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Proper hydration helps your body move blood to the surface more efficiently.

6. Choose cotton bedding-


Keep cool with cotton sheets and loose fitting pajamas. As cotton is a breathable fiber that lets air circulate due to which your body heat can dissipate to the surface and sweat can evaporate.

7. Proper shielding of windows-


Staying cool just does not imply only to mind and body but also to keeping our environment cool. Research has shown that around 40% of the heat that enters our homes are through the windows. So, proper shielding should be done by use of curtains, blinds and shades. This will reduce the heat levels inside our homes.

8. Wear light colors-


Science says that dark coloured clothes absorb more heat than light coloured clothes. Therefore, wear light coloured clothes to refract sunlight as much and stay cool.

These tips are incredibly easy to follow. With the temperatures rising year after year we should adapt to the change and prepare our bodies and mind to stay cool. So, let us follow the tips so that summer season can swim its way through to become our favourite season! 

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