Child Diet & Supplements

Nutrition is a prerequisite and a basic human need for a healthy life. A proper diet is essential from the very early stages of life for proper growth, development and to remain active. This phase is extremely significant from a nutritional point of view as during this stage, the vulnerability for various diseases increase. So special attention should be given to a child’s daily diet.

General guidelines for a child’s daily diet

Energy-dense and high-quality protein food should be given to the child. High-quality protein like a mix of legumes and pulses protein or plant protein with animal protein should be given. Encourage your child to eat all food groups. Include vegetables, green leafy vegetables and fruits in any form in your child’s daily diet. Milk and milk products should be given. If your child dislikes having milk then include chenna, custard, buttermilk etc. in his diet. Iron, zinc and vitamin A rich foods like carrots, raisins, leafy vegetables, nuts and dates should be given. Make sure your child avoids nibbling. 5 to 6 meals with a gap of 3 hrs. is advisable. Preparing a tiffin for a pre-schooler needs special attention. Make a simple meal with less oil and good quality protein.

In spite of all nutritional interventions, there are some common problems which cause nutrition deficiency in children. Health issues like Diarrhoea, overnutrition (Obesity), undernutrition, Anaemia, Iron, vitamin A and Zinc deficiency are very common in children. Some children are picky eaters, so there is a huge deficiency of different nutrients in their daily diet. Proper Health supplements play an important role to bridge the gap. For children who are picky eaters and suffer from different diseases, health supplements are essential for fulfilling their daily requirements. Hence, health Supplements are a basic prerequisite to bridge the nutritional gap that most children face due to inadequate food intake and Health issues.

DNAVITA is a Health Supplement made of Natural Ingredients. It is superior in fitness, bone & brain nutrition. It is made in certified 100% hygienic facility. The main ingredients of DNAVITA include Whole Grains like Oats, Milk, Almond and Brown Rice. It also contains Added Choline, Healthy fats along with Vitamins and minerals. It has a combination of plant protein and Milk protein which makes it a good quality protein, so it is good for child health.


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