Control Diabetes The Easier Way Than What You Think

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. It is of two types of mainly. Type1 Diabetes where your body no longer makes insulin and you need to intake insulin from external sources. There is also Type2 Diabetes where your body does not make insulin nor can use it appropriately. To get good control over diabetes, the two main keys of modulation are diet and exercise. Following the physiology of the body in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise can help control diabetes with enough ease.

Follow these five Steps to keep your sugar level in control:

Seek guidance from your doctor

For both types of diabetes, you first need to talk to your doctor and find out how best you can take care of yourself and stay healthy. Medication and change in lifestyle are known to be the best two ways to handle the disease with least stress and maximum health. Plan and find out from the practitioner for a healthy meal plan. Ask about the tests you need to do for your blood sugar. Also, find out how to read the results and manage the disease accordingly.

Learn to de-stress

Stress always pushes up the blood sugar levels so it is very important to learn to de-stress in a natural manner. You can pick-up a hobby based activity to ease your anxieties and fretfulness in a better manner. You can try gardening, morning walk, singing, playing an instrument, listening to music, watching movies, painting, etc. If nothing works try deep breathing exercises time-to-time. No matter how hectic your work schedule might be, keep an hour or two each day to spend by yourself doing things that you enjoy doing.

Eat well, in specific periods

For a diabetic patient, the key to staying healthy is to eat small portions in regular two-to-three hour interval without feeling hungry. Eat enough quantities of proteins, foods rich in fiber and whole grains. Avoid including two sources of carbohydrates in the same meal. Drink water instead of juice or soda. Eat two-to-three portions of fruits and vegetables regularly. Do not starve yourself at any point. Keep nuts, low-fat yogurt, salad, fruits like apples and berries at hand always.

Ditch your car, do the walk

People who walked for at least 30 minutes every day had better blood sugar levels even if they did not lose any weight. Researchers claim that if you can walk a minimum of 2 km every day you use the hormone named insulin more efficiently by increasing the amount of insulin receptors on your cells and thus reducing your blood sugar levels to a large extent.

Hygiene care

Apart from these measures, there are small steps for regular hygiene care that can prove to be very beneficial for all types of diabetic patients. Check your feet regularly for red swellings, cuts, blisters and sore spots. Apply adequate medicine and, if possible, cover with a bandage. Consult the doctor for any spots that do not go away soon. Keep your oral hygiene in place too. Brush and floss regularly and keep your teeth, gums and mouth interiors healthy. Do not smoke and check your blood pressure regularly.

Following these simple steps can help you keep control or even reverse the progress of the disease and help you to gain extra years of an active life.

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