Epilepsy Can Affect Your Brain Leading To Memory Loss

Epilepsy can affect your memory as it causes disturbances in the normal functioning of the brain. These sudden surge of electrical signals in the brain affect the consciousness, movement and sensations called seizures. It can either disrupt the entire brain or a part of it which can cause memory problems. Sometimes, it can be so severe that you face difficulty remembering the important everyday activities.



However, it is not unusual if you have epilepsy and have memory problems. As it is the disorder of the central nervous system and brain which results in a seizure causing memory issues. The way it affects your memory depends on the type and site of occurrence. It disrupts the impulses in the brain which controls your thoughts, movement and memory as well.

Although many people have seizures, but not all of them are epileptic. It is most often diagnosed in children and older adults. It may be developed in them due to the trauma at birth, haemorrhage, brain malformations, infections, brain trauma, genetic syndromes and blood vessel abnormality. Some common factors that trigger an epileptic seizure are: stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, change in medication, hormonal changes or mental strain.



Because the causes of the neurological disorder are so varied, so it becomes important to examine the medical history to diagnose the condition. The problem with this condition is that the repeated attacks causes the damage in brain tissues such as hippocampus, which is important for the processing of information. However, if the damage occurs on the left side of the brain it leads to the verbal memory loss whereas the damage on the right side affects the visual memory.

As there is no cure for epilepsy, there are few methods to treat it including diet, therapy and medication. The objective is to treat the symptoms such as seizures and prevent them from occurring. Some medications are prescribed to manage and eliminate the seizures. All these efforts contribute to prevent the brain damage and avoiding the memory loss.

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