Follow These Home Remedies To Stay Healthy During Winters

The sickness season has set in i.e. winter. You hear people constantly coughing, sneezing with running nose and fever. It might be just a common cold but that will drain complete energy out of you. So how do you stay healthy when you find people around battling cough and cold? Why not try these remedies to keep yourself warm and healthy this winter:

  • Stay hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated is important this season as it will keep you moist and thereby aid in getting rid of toxins from your body. Do not wait to get thirsty.
  • Inhale vapor: Take in steam to ease the mucus congestion and running nose. This can be done through a humidifier or through a pot of boiled water.
  • Eat vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables: Consume fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. It is the antioxidant that keeps you healthy. Enjoy having seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • Keep yourself warm: If you are down with the first flu keep yourself as much as warm possible. Take enough rest and follow a proper sleeping pattern to boost body immunity.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise regularly to boost your immune level. If you feel lazy to go out for a walk, shift to indoor activities like yoga, stretching or free hand exercises.
  • Gargle for sore throat: Gargling moistens sore throat and gives temporary relief at least.  Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in one glass of warm water. This will reduce the tickling effect in your throat.
  • Take in more of hot liquids: At intervals sip in hot liquids, preferably hot water or herbal tea to relieve nasal congestion and soothe the membranes that line your throat and nose. Have soups as it eases congestion and enhance immunity.
  • Warm shower: Bathe in warm water to ease out the nasal passages and relax your body.
  • Be clean: limit the spread of bacteria. Therefore wash your hands with soap often as we tend to sneeze and cough more this season. Keep your home clean as more time will be spend indoors.
  • Keep low on sugar: Ensure that your diet is low on refined sugar as this will strengthen immune system. It has been observed that those who consume less sugar have minor infections and are overall healthy.  

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