Get Rid Of Constipation- The Natural Way

Constipation is an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that plagues most of us at some point in our lives. When stool does not pass smoothly through the system, we term it constipation. If you are suffering from constipation, there is nothing to be ashamed about! More than 30% of the population suffer from the same condition.

There are plenty of natural remedies to get rid of constipation quickly and effectively. Natural remedies are not only easy on the pocket but also time saving and effective. Now you don’t have to live with constipation all your life, seek medical help or just follow these easy steps to get immediate relief-

Increase water intake

Constipation is mainly triggered by hard dry stools that are difficult to pass, but increasing water intake can solve the problem of constipation by making the passage smooth and pain-free. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Also, incorporate lots of fresh juices in your diet.

Alter your diet

A fibre rich diet can help you tackle constipation. Fibre makes the stool softer and bulkier so that they pass easily. Include at least 20 grams of fibre in your diet and limit the intake of fatty food. Good sources of fibre are Brussels sprouts, carrots, brown rice, cereals, bananas and many more.

Have faith in yoga and exercise

A sedentary lifestyle can cause problems in digestion and induce constipation. So move about, get some exercise and keep yourself active. Much like exercise, yoga can also cure constipation. Yoga involves movement of your pelvic muscles which relieves you from constipation woes. Postures like mayurasana, halasana and pavanmuktasana are helpful in relieving constipation.

Regularise your morning routine

A consistent morning routine can regularise bowel movement and prevent constipation. Every morning, get up and have a glass of warm water before heading to the bathroom. You can even squeeze some fresh lemon juice in the water since it can act as a stimulant for your digestive system.

Consider herbal remedies

There are numerous herbal home remedies that can help treat your chronic constipation. Flaxseed is a good natural laxative that you can mix with one glass of water and consume at night before going to bed. You should also incorporate yogurt in your diet. Yogurt contains probiotics that keep your digestive system healthy.

Eliminate stress from your life

Stress can take a toll on your life and affect bodily functions which can make you prone to constipation. So avoid taking unnecessary stress and try to lead a fuss free life. When you feel stressed out, listen to some soothing music or take up a hobby. Also, staying up late at night can also affect your digestive power. Get a good nights sleep, abstain from processed food and see a dramatic difference in your life.

These are a few live-saving natural remedies that can help you bid goodbye to constipation forever. The key is to stay disciplined and lead a healthy lifestyle and half of your problems will be solved automatically. If you still feel constipated, it is better to consult a physician who may carry out necessary tests and prescribe the right medicine for you.

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