Cracked Feet In Winter

Get Rid Of Dry Cracked Feet In Winter

Winter does affect our body functioning and the skin all together. Cracked feet is one of the major winter problems which many people face. Improper care results in cracked feet.

In severe conditions blood comes out which is a favorable ground for dirt and germs. In fact cracked feet is an embarrassment too. The skin on this part of the body is dry as it lacks oil glands. The condition is worse among those who have diabetes, athletes foot and obviously those who do not take proper care of their feet.

Make your feet smooth in winter with few tips given below:



Apply mild moisturizer twice a day to treat the problem of dry feet.

Lemon Juice


Squeeze a lemon into half bucket of water. Soak your feet in this for about ten minutes. The flaky and dead skin will get dissolved with the acidic properties of lemon. This makes its removal easier. After this you can use a loofah or a soft brush to scrub feet.

Olive Oil


Make a solution consisting of olive and lavender oil in equal amounts. Apply the mixture on the dry feet.

Petroleum Jelly


Apply petroleum jelly to keep them moisturized. Alternatively it can be mixed with lemon juice followed by wearing a pair of cotton socks.

Feet Soaking


Regularly soak your foot in warm water regularly for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also make a solution of a cup of apple cider vinegar. After soaking in warm water ensure to soak it for ten minutes into vinegar solution.

Pumice Stone


Get rid of unwanted dry skin at the heel area with the help of this natural volcanic rock. Use it when the skin is wet. However, you can only apply pumice stone when they are wet and soft. Rub the stone hard on dry and scaly parts. Try doing this weekly.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil can nourish as well as moisturize feet well.

Banana Mask


First dip your feet in warm water. Thereafter apply the banana pulp with honey. Keep it for half an hour. Once it is done you need to remove water and apply the banana foot mask with banana pulp and honey as its main ingredients.

You need to apply the pulp over your feet and heels. Keep it be for half an hour time and wash it off with water. Thereafter apply moisturizer or olive oil.

Shea Butter


Pamper your feet with coconut Shea butter as it contains Vitamin A and E. It has fatty acids and essential oils. Apply it regularly to see the difference.

If conditions are severe like blood oozing out then do consult a podiatrist. With little care you can manage to flaunt smooth feet always.

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