Health Risks Of Dietary Supplements Containing Chromium

Dietary supplements always have a good place in the hearts of people as they are known to promote good health. Studies have indicated that dietary supplements pose major health risks. New studies have indicated that chromium supplements consumed by dieters, body builders partially gets converted into carcinogen as it enters the cells.

Chromium oxidation occurs inside the cells and loses electrons as well as changes it into carcinogenic substances. The new findings have raised concerns regarding its long term effects. These supplements contain ingredients like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and herbs. These claim to be a vital source of nutrients but should not be taken daily or as a meal replacement. One should consume variety of nutritional foods that will ensure the body gets necessary nutrients. As per new researches, many of these enhancements have active components with biological effects. This makes it unsafe and can even complicate health. Some people experience side effects such as headaches, skin irritation, dizziness, impaired thinking and mood changes. High doses of chromium are linked to serious harmful effects like kidney damage, blood disorders and other issues.


It is advised that people should be careful while choosing products for them or family members and be aware of its effects after intake. The chromium found in foods will not as such harm you compared to the supplements taken. However excessive intake can lead to stomach issues and hypoglycemia. Too much of it can also harm the kidneys, liver, nerves and even may cause uneven heart rhythm. Antacids (including calcium carbonate) interfere with the absorption of chromium. If you suffer from any kidney disease then avoid intake of chromium supplements.


However, pregnant women should not take chromium supplements until and unless advised by their medical expert. Certain medications might interact with chromium, especially when taken regularly. It is advised to check with your doctor prior to taking these supplements especially in case of over-the-counter medications or prescription.

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