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Your skin is your bridge to the world out there. It shapes your first impression, and as they say, first impressions, well, do stay around for quite some time. What’s more? Well, glowing blemish-free skin not only makes you the most confident person in the room but also underlines the signs of your blooming health.
Remember Nabanita from last week? Well, her trials and tribulations with pimples left me with some big questions: Will pimples win the war? Is there no end to this acne? Keeping my thinking cap on, I made a beeline to celebrity Dermatologist, Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Dolly Gupta’s Rashbehari chamber. Dr. Gupta is a frequent judge and official Skin and Hair specialist in many beauty pageants, lectures, conferences and corporates. Her client base includes celebrities, actors, politicians, sports personalities, singers, media personalities and models. Below is my tête-à-tête with the energetic expert, whose portfolio is rich with 12-years of practice. The world of blemish-free beauty awaits you. Dig in and read on…

Wellness Buddy: Good evening Doctor! I am a Wellness Buddy, and I have come with a few questions in mind. Last week in our Wellness Buddy Story Series, a dear friend shared with us her struggle with skin troubles. Dr. Gupta, we would like to know what is it all about skin-care? Why is it so important in today’s day and time?

Dr. Dolly Gupta: To start off, I would like to thank the team of SastaSundar for this opportunity. You guys are doing a great job by spreading awareness which is very, very important in today’s scenario. The idea of sharing knowledge on basic health issues by bridging the gap between doctors and common people is highly noble.

Now, coming to your question on skin-care. I always say that skin is the mirror image of your personality. Regarding the basic skin-care, if you ask me – it is very important that each of us know what our skin-type is. The same key do not fit all locks. People with dry skin type need different skin-care routine than people with oily skin. Then there is combination skin, sensitive skin.

In earlier days, people used to visit dermatologists only if they had any skin disease, and for all the beauty-related aspects of skin, they would visit beauty parlours. But now the concept has changed – people are more vigilant about skin-care, the prevalence of clinically researched and tested cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens, etc. will tell you the story. However, it is only suitable for your skin when a qualified dermatologist tells you which products are applicable for your skin-type and then only you should start following a skin-care programme.

WB: Doctor, an important part of skin-care is personal hygiene. How important is this aspect?

Dr. Dolly Gupta:Hygiene has always played an important role. Keeping not only yourself but the surrounding clean is very important. Not only skin infection, there are other diseases like gastroenteritis, diarrhea which arise out of unhygienic environment. Urinary tract infection is very common in female these days. As a doctor, I always advice proper hand washing habits; we touch everything with our hands and so they are very germ-prone. A lot of skin infection results from poor hygiene during menstrual cycle for women.

I get many cases of fungal infections resulting from wearing unwashed clothes in the humid Kolkata climate. So keeping ourselves and the surroundings clean is very important.

WB: Doctor, we often notice dark spots on skin. What are the common causes behind these?

Dr. Gupta: See, dark spots and pigmentation is one of the commonest reasons with which people visit my clinic. These can occur die to many skin diseases; sometimes, birthmarks can seem like dark spots. Many times, it so happens that people develop birthmarks quite late in their lives.

A big reason behind dark spots is sun exposure. The Asian climate is such that we are very prone to this. Other reasons are use of certain cosmetics which are full of chemicals. Nutritional/vitamin deficiencies can result in dark spots. There is a condition called post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation; under this, say one had a disease but it left spots on the skin even after they recovered.

So, they are so many causes but due to lack of awareness, people opt for generic OTC medications. So by the time people visit me, they are either late or have developed many side-effects which at times are very unfortunate. Treatment for each skin problem is different; one should never ignore even the most minor problem.


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