Healthy heart in winter

Heart Care In Winter

The Winter spell is vulnerable for patients who have heart disease. Other than keeping yourself warm and infections at bay it is to be noted that your heart too needs good care. People are more prone to heart attacks during this time of the year.

This is because the arteries become constricted due to low temperatures. In such conditions the heart needs to put more effort in order to pump blood therefore adding to its stress that leads to heart attack. It is important to keep a check on cardiovascular risk factors.

Here are few tips on how to take care of your heart in this season :

Cholesterol Under Control


With change in season there is an irregular rise and fall in cholesterol levels. The level is higher than normal and this puts you at more risk of cardiovascular diseases. So do keep a check on diet.

Control Blood Pressure


In winters a rise in blood pressure is witnessed and coronary arteries shrink that leads to low blood supply. So do keep it under control.

Take Rest


Do not exhaust yourself too much. Do take breaks frequently in order to avoid over stressing your heart.

Eat In Less Amounts Frequently


People tend to eat more during winters than they normally do. A huge meal puts extra weight on your heart. Therefore it is better to have small meals at intervals.

Walk When It Is Sunny


Avoid going for walks on cold day in the morning. Instead you can go for a walk when it is still sunny especially evenings.

Keep Warm


Hypothermia is one of the major causes of heart failure during the cold season. Stay warm. Wear warm clothes, take warm showers and as much as possible as stay indoors.

Avoid Alcohol


Winters do see a rise in consumption of alcohol as people assume it helps to keep them more warm. However too much of it cause much alcohol can cause irregular heartbeats. It can be had in moderate amounts though.

Never Ignore Symptoms


Profuse sweating, discomfort in chest, shortness of breath, pain in the arms, neck, jaws and shoulders are signs that should not be ignored. All these are heart attack indicators. Do consult doctor as and when needed. Any side effect should be immediately informed.

Irrespective of the season, regular checkups are a must for those who have any chronic disease. It can help prevent any major health issues in future.

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