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How To Feel Fresh And Smell Good All Day Long

Summers are here and though we do not like to admit, odor and sweat patches are a reality. To keep yourself fresh and smell good all day, perfumes cannot help much especially if you are out for long hours.

We will help you out with few tricks that will keep you fresh and smell pleasant throughout the day:

Vaseline On Pulse Points

Vaseline-1464845328.jpg Vaseline is not just meant for applying on dry areas but it has another major use. Just rub on your pulse points before using your perfume as it will help the fragrance to last longer.  

Don’t Rub Perfume

dont-rub-perfume-1464845320.jpg We have a habit of spraying fragrance on our wrist and then rubbing against each other. Never do this next time. Actually by doing that , the good perfume smell disappears. Instead, we can spray it in the air and walk through it.  

Use good smelling beauty Products

good-smelling-beauty-products-1464845340.jpg A good smelling shower gel is must to start your day without being too strong. Use a fabulous smelling moisturizer without being too excessive. While heading out in the evening spray a perfume with similar notes that will refresh you.  

Use fragrances immediately after shower

fragrances-after-shower-1464845355.jpg Immediately after shower applying deodorants or perfumes. The moisture on your skin will help to maintain that fragrance. The more you wait after taking shower, sweat will accumulate and spraying on it adds to bad odor.

Spray Your Bed

Sprey-Bed-1464845859.jpg Spray your bed-sheets and pillow with calming scents as it will help you to sleep better and keep your partner in good spirits too.

Perfumed Sachets

perfumed-sachets-1464845371.jpg Scented sachets are available to make your clothes smell good. Keep them in sock drawers and inner wear as it makes you feel fresh and smell good.

Baby Wipes


Keep some baby wipes in your bag always. Sweep it quick along sweaty areas and the armpits. It helps in reducing bad odour.

Summer friendly fabrics


You should sport breathable fabrics like cotton during summers. They give better ventilation and don’t make you sweat like other fabrics do. They help you to stay cool and even smell good on a hot day too.  

Pulse points


Using perfume on pulse points help it last longer. These points are wrists, inside of the elbows, neck, midriff or below, ankles, calves and behind your knees. These areas diffuse the fragrance across complete body.

Foot Odour

Foot-Outdoor-1464845468.jpg Smelly feet is a big turn-off. So sprinkle talcum powder or spray deodorant inside your shoes. This will absorb the sweat and keep your feet fresh. Wear open shoes as much as possible as your feet needs some breathing space too.

We step out for the day sporting a clean and carefree look. However, as time passes, our freshness gets drifted. Taking good care of ourselves is the first step if we want to smell good and maintain overall freshness till day end. Along with it, apply these effective tricks to boost confidence.

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