Improve Your Eyesight With These Home Remedies

Eyes are considered as one of the most intricate organs in our body. We rely on them to realize the world around us. Eyes speak a lot. Value them and take good care. You can improve your vision with these home remedies:

Poor nutrition, genetics, strain, environmental factors lead to myopia or hyperopia. Watery eyes, headaches and blurry vision are symptoms of weak sight.  It can be enhanced with prescribed glasses or surgery or even contact lens.  Visual disorders are common these days with lifestyle changes and stress on this vital organ.

The effective measures range from diet changes to exercises and external protection.

Exercises: The muscles become more flexible with eye exercises and bring blood flow and energy to maintain good spectacle. They combat strain and enhance concentration. Consult health experts to get best exercises.

Steer clear of smoking: Reduce or stop smoking to prevent deterioration of vision. It increases the possibility of developing macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, dry eyes, cataract and damage to the nerves.

Multivitamins: Intake of a multivitamin daily maintains the good health as it prevents age related eye ailments.   

Computer screen: Keep the screen below the eyes to prevent drying out of the eyes. This reduces the risk of blindness or even any damage to cornea. Give rest by looking away from screen after every thirty minutes.  

Makeup: Never use old eye makeup as bacteria can damage them. Makeup should be removed with a remover else cornea can get damaged.  

Balanced diet: A balanced diet reduces the risk of several disorders. Lutein, a nutrient in spnach is known to reduce the risk of age related diseases. Green leaves are normally rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. It has several anti oxidant properties. Consumption of fish twice a week shield against drying out as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin A rich foods help in preserving night vision. Red onions, sweet potatoes, blueberries all prevent eye related diseases. Intake of too much salt increases the risk of cataract. Beets contain antioxidants protect blood vessels of the entire body.

Control high blood pressure: Increased blood pressure cause damage to blood vessels of them. Monitor it regularly as high BP causes blindness.

Walking: Brisk walks help in preventing glaucoma.  

Use sunglasses: Protect your vital organ against UV rays by using sunglasses. The harmful rays of the sun increase the risk of cataract. Prevent exposure to the rays and wind as much as possible.

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