Infertility Leads To Higher Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes In Men

Infertility in men is mostly linked with the complications of having low or null sperm count or inability to produce it. You may wonder along with the fertility problems it also increases the risk of other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. The lower level of testosterone may be a contributing factor for the high rates of mortality and cardiovascular diseases.

In general, male infertility refers to the health issue that lowers the chances of making pregnant to his female partner. It may be due to sperm abnormality, hormonal imbalances, anatomical problems or genetic defects. Further the diagnosis can be done knowing about the medical history, physical examination by semen analysis.

In our society, usually people don't visit a doctor unless there is a big problem. Studies conducted shows that those men who are diagnosed as impotent have high risk of developing health illnesses including cardiac problems or other substance abuse disorders. However, it is recommended to either consult a doctor regarding the problems faced due to infertility. This makes it easier to engage them with the proper healthcare system and taking care of the general health.


According to a research, it has also been proven that the general health of fertile men is much better than that of the infertile ones. As the infertile men had higher rates of cardiac disease and elevated sugar levels including the risk for renal disease. These findings suggest that men  should get tested for infertility to take care of other health issues associated with it.
In addition to the lower levels of testosterone, another possibility of infertility is the exposure  to harmful environmental influences during foetal development that can lead to both reproductive and health challenges later. These exposures can have a long lasting effects on the rest of your life. Thus, whatever causes reproductive problems likely to influence the physiological system as well.

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