Is It Safe To Reheat Leftovers? Foods You Should Never Heat Again

We have become so busy in lives that reheating food has become the order of the day. With microwave cooking becoming so popular, warming food is a matter of few minutes. New research studies have proved that reheating certain types of food items can be dangerous to health, more so if they have not been stored properly. Let us have a look at certain food items that should not be reheated:


Potatoes should be eaten the same day they are cooked else you lose on the dietary benefit  it provides. It is dangerous to warm them or even have it the next day if kept out at room temperature to cool. Potatoes cooked and wrapped in an aluminum foil helps botulism to thrive. Either have them hot or immediately refrigerate them.   


Never reheat boiled or scrambled eggs. They turn toxic when exposed to high temperature on cooking. The proteins in them get destroyed and the composition becomes harmful thereby disturbs your digestive system.  


Protein composition in chicken changes when it is put on heat again Structure of protein changes the day after it is cooked. If you are warming it up then ensure the meat is thoroughly cooked inside on a low temperature for longer period.  


Uncooked rice can contain spores of bacteria which causes food poisoning. When the rice is cooked, the spores of bacteria can survive. If the cooked rice is kept at a room temperature for longer time, the bacteria will multiply and make it more unsafe to consume.  


Mushrooms should be consumed immediately after preparation. Proteins drop as you cut them. Have them cold if you want to eat them next day. Else it can cause heart and digestive issues.




Celery is rich in nitrates. When you heat up any preparation that has it, nitrates turn into  nitrites. So ensure it is removed from food before reheating.  


770X342_Turnip-1486363750.jpg Turnips have high amount of nitrates and becomes toxic if reheated.  




Beetroots like spinach contain nitrates and therefore become harmful to consume if they are heated up again the next day. Have them cold.

Leftovers can be reheated but see to it that the above ingredients are not there . 

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