Its World Sleep Day : Goodnight ! Sleep Well

World Sleep Day is observed on March 17th by The World Association of Sleep Medicine to raise awareness about the importance of sleep in our lives, the related issues and how to prevent relative disorders.

In order to have a sound sleep, one should get an ideal environment and stress-free mind to unwind and relax during bedtime. Quality slumber comes with good sleeping habits. Want to know what are the not so good sleeping habits? Start implementing habits that will give you a great night’s sleep:

Put Off The Electronic Devices :


Prior to getting onto the bed turn off electronic devices. The light from these devices keeps your brain engaged when you actually want it to rest. Ensure that your laptop or phone or tablet are out of reach from your bed.

Are The Basics There ?


Do you have your blankets, pillows and obviously a comfortable bed. Is the mattress in good condition? See to it that the you do not get a neck pain the next morning, if so its high time the pillows are changed. In case street lights penetrate your room, use thick window curtains or eye mask. If the roadside noises disturb you ,earplugs can work wonders. Keep the room well aired.

No to Caffeine, Alcohol & Nicotine :



It is must to keep a check on caffeine intake to get peaceful sleep. Avoid having caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, chocolate and carbonated fizzy drinks at least five hours ahead of bedtime.

Avoid drinking excessive alcohol and smoking four hours before going to bed.

No to Spicy & Oily Stuff :



Avoid having oily and spicy stuff before snoozing.

Bring Down Stress :



De-stress prior to slumber. A simple breathing exercise or listening to melodious music or reading a light story book can help.  

Maintain A Regular Waking and Bedtime :



Sleep and wake up at same time daily instead of changing routines as it also affects the body as it takes time to adjust.

Positive Effects of Healthy Snooze


• Preserves energy, restore and replenish proteins that  can be assembled into cellular structures

• Strengthens metabolic system and aids in Obesity and type 2 Diabetes

• Helps to get relief from stress & take firm decisions

• Helps to think innovatively and even retain youth

• Enhances quality of life

Improving your sleep will keep you in good spirits and a secret to healthy living. Recover from persistent fatigue with the energy you get from a sound sleep. 

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