Earth Day

Let Us Do Something For Our Planet On This Earth Day

Earth Day is observed every year on April 22 since 1970 to encourage people to be environmentally friendly and conserve the planet for future generations. A small step can make a lot of difference and help to reduce the environmental damage. Make the world a better place to live in by doing your bit. We bring you few tips to conserve your planet:

Avoid using your car - At least on this day do not use your vehicle and cycle or take metro or bus to work. This will reduce pollution.

Do not waste water today - If there are any leaking taps, get it fixed by the plumber. Instead of using shower, use water from bucket as it this reduces the consumption.  

Plant a sapling today - There is no better way to save the environment than planting a sapling. Too much of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to global warming thereby trapping the planet. Trees inhale carbon dioxide. Join a group or plant a tree in your backyard.  

Do not use plastic - Say no to plastic. Carry your own bag while you go shopping today. Make this a habit and say no to using plastic bag.

Switch off all the electric appliances - Keep all the appliances switched off when not in use. Learn to save electricity. Switch off plug points which are not using. Do unplug all the cell phone chargers as they use electricity even if electronic devices are not connected to them.

Consume local produce - Instead of having imported foods consume local food products. Have seasonal foods as it was picked less than a day and does not need to travel less than 100 miles to reach your plate. This way you receive all the nutrients  

Avoid processed and packaged foods - Starting from farming to processing to packaging and transportation involves more consumption of energy and emissions to reach your table and this is taxing on our environment. Consume organic foods and this is one of the best eco-friendly habit.  

Reduce food wastage - Worldwide lot of food is wasted daily. It is either discarded in transport, processing, grocery stores or even kitchens. Food wastage also includes massive wastage of water too. You can reduce the wastage with skillful planning and enhance the storage skills. Buy what you need and eat what you have at home.
Keep a check on junk mail - This saves lot of paper as well as time by not having to search through  the series of mails to find the important ones.

Recycle - Practice recycling at home and at work. Lot of wasted paper can be recycled but they are thrown away instead.   

Some time outdoors - Go for a picnic or spend some time walking in a nearby park. Just feel the beauty of nature.  

Every day is an Earth Day. Make it a habit of doing something eco-friendly daily. Do not do it just for one day a year. It is just one planet we have and it deserves our time and care.

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