Obesity Can Lower Your Sex Drive

Sexuality is an important part of regular human life. A healthy sexual life offers a stable personal life and thereby ensures a happy personality. Obesity is one factor that has been judged to have disrupted such normalcy and brought in despair and frustration in many. The fallen levels of libido eliminate your desires and affects performance negatively in both men and women.

Loss of self-confidence

The physical appearance plays a significant role in ascertaining sexual appeal to your partner. Obese people feel too apologetic about their physical condition and suffer a loss of confidence. This causes a loss of affection and the growing self-consciousness affects the libido levels.

Disease prone

Being overweight exposes you to greater health-risk like hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease, cholesterol, etc. These diseases keep your physical stamina limited and dampen yourgeneral mood thus, dispiriting your desire to perform in bed.

Fertility issues

Overweight men face various medical conditions that impact their sexual performance on a medical level. Doctors have noted that people with excess weight suffer from insulin resistance and high cholesterol where the fatty deposits clog the blood vessels or small arteries in the penis. This implies reduced blood circulation that leads to erectile dysfunction. For obese women, the same types of clogging have been noticed for the blood vessels leading to the clitoris which also causes loss of sexual responsiveness towards their partners.

Less testosterone

High body fat also implies higher levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This is named so because SHBG binds itself to the testosterone hormone. Doctors explain that high SHBG means the less amount of free testosterone is available to stimulate sexual desire. This drop in testosterone also implies low libido and loss of sexual desire.

Overcoming Obesity

To improve your quality of life, it is very important that obesity is dealt with as early as possible. You can adopt few changes to ease your obesity issues and also improve your sexual experience.

  • First you need to chalk out a detailed diet plan to overcome obesity. A well-scheduled diet can make a big difference in your life. However, ensure that your nutrition is scheduled in consultation to a certified dietician and okayed by your physician.
  • A regular form of exercise is a must to make some difference in your body form. Try to lose as little as 2 to 3 kgs in the first few weeks. Do not exert too much as it will cause psychological pressure on you. Doctors say that as little as 5 kg weight loss helps to stimulate sex hormones and can make a big difference in your sexual experience.
  • A positive attitude is a very prime necessity that you need to adopt. Furthermore, the support and encouragement of your partner also play an important part to motivate you and help you overcome obesity. Consult your partner at every point of your transformation to make him/her feel the effort you are inducing to bring about the change that you both will cherish hereafter.

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