Online & Offline Pharmacy: It’s Time for Collaboration

Online & Offline Pharmacy - Its Time for Collaboration, Not Competition

Medicines constitute a pertinent part of our modern lives. Its dire necessity is felt more so now as the country stays locked down at home under the COVID-19 pandemic.


And, this is exactly where comes in the crucial question: When in an emergency, which pharmacy to go to – Online or Offline?


We, at Sastasundar, hold the belief that the retail pharmacy store near to you will always play an important role in supplying medicine. To this end, we have designed our ecosystem in such a way that the realms of both online & offline can peacefully co-exist and in a way, even corroborate each other.


The physical pharmacies near you may face issues of supply, especially now, and therefore we are dedicating our focus and strength on our initiative This initiative of ours endeavours to supply genuine medicines to physical pharmacies which are operating near you.


So the next time you go to buy medicine from your nearby physical pharmacy, and don't find it there, please advise the pharmacist that the medicine may just be available at


We will make sure that the medicines are refilled. 


Ravi Kant Sharma

Founder & CEO

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