Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

One of the foremost step to a healthy body is good hygiene. It protects you from causing illness that arises from poor hygiene. It is imperative to maintain female hygiene for overall health besides it prevents itching, discomfort, odors that lead to disease, sterility, cancer and other problems. In order to maintain that you must take a bath regularly and develop healthy habits.

Below given are few tips to maintain feminine sanitation:

Sanitization Tips

Natural oils and discharge is a safeguard against several infections.  The vagina produces its own natural discharges as part of it self-cleaning process. Excessive douching, washing, or even use of cleansing agents or soap  or using harsh cleaners strips this protection  making it susceptible to infections causing discomfort and odor. You can wash external genitals with warm water and make use of mild soap if needed.  After a sexual intercourse wash your vaginal area. Residue and fluids from certain products like condoms and others cause irritation, infection and odor if not removed completely.
Change sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons frequently. When menstrual products are worn for longer time, it emits foul order and thereby increases the risk of having infection.  

Wipe your genital area thoroughly after urination. This will help keep your vaginal area dry and clean throughout the day.

Use soft, white, unscented toilet paper that does not contain dyes or other irritating chemicals.
Menstrual Care Tips

The body of a woman is naturally created to care for menstrual needs on their own like cleaning the reproductive tract and so on. There are many women who feel very unclean post menstruation and resort to douching. This forces bacteria to build up in the reproductive tract that leads to pelvic inflammatory diseases. Various other products used during the course of menstruation can also cause some irritation leading to infections. Make use of unscented products only when need arises.  

Odor Tips

Each woman has a natural smell which is healthy and a part of a woman's body. Deodorants, feminine sprays and perfumes cover up this natural smell. If you have an obnoxious scent, then it is likely that you have some infection like bacterial vaginosis. If it is so then you should consult a doctor and take prescribed medicines to clear up the problem.

Clothing Tips

You should wear clothing that allows air flow helping the secretions to evaporate. Fungi grow when there is no air flow to vagina causing vaginal yeast infections. Wear underpants with cotton linings or cotton underpants. Do not wear wet bathing suits or tight spandex or leather pants. Post work out or after doing stressful activities change your clothes.

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