Prevent Your Cold And Flu through Exercise

Maintaining a regular fitness schedule takes you a long way toward having optimal health conditions. It plays a crucial role in preventing chronic disease, wash away the toxins and keep you fit to handle season changes with good healthiness. Common cold and flu infections are so widespread that very few escape the infection every year. But it was noted by researchers that people with a regular exercise regimen often escaped the rounds and also other diseases despite being highly contagious.

Avoid sitting long hours

Get a timer on your table so that every 15 minutes you stand up and do some non-intermittent movement activities. You can either do some one legged squats or lunges even when at the office. You can also walk briskly around the office block or walk up the staircase a couple of times. Such small steps will keep you more active all day so that the body cells remain well oxygenated and flush out all unrequited toxins out of the body.

Light exercise is essential

Cold and flu occur mostly due to accumulated toxins that could not be flushed off from your body. While exercising the heart pumps much faster than normal times, which help increase your natural virus destroying cells, strengthen your immunity barriers and eventually flush out these toxins from your system.

Sports experts say that exercise bolsters  a better immune system that is capable of fighting not only flu bugs but also various other chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, cardiac problems, etc. Moreover, you remain fit and improve your odds against many other illnesses.

Exercises prescribed:

  • A 30-minute workout, three to four times a week of light to moderate exercise is generally considered to have great positive results on your wellness.
  • A moderate amount of aerobic exercise, jogging, brisk walking or cycling, especially during cold and flu season, will boost your body defences against virus and bacteria.
  • Pilates, light weight training and occasional kickboxing workout also help to keep you free of colds and flu.
  • Regular fixed time for an hour or two for meditation and yoga also keeps you healthy and bugs away.
  • A maximum of 2 and half hours of high-intensity exercise per week is enough to reap the flu-fighting benefits of hardcore exercise.

However, it is important to remember that overdoing high-intensity exercise levels can actually wear you down and affect your immune system adversely causing more harm than good.

Researchers have confirmed that body resistance to common cold and flu is enhanced with moderate exercises by increasing the recirculation of important immune cells, especially bone marrow, the spleen and lungs. It effectively cleans the body off unrequited contaminants, keeps mental stress low and avoids sleep disruptions too.

A normal adult suffers normally two to five colds per year. A proper lifestyle choice enriched with a good diet plan and a definite exercise schedule keeps you away from coughs and sniffles by avoiding them or even suffering from them too bad. For athletes who do come under the weather, however, doctors suggest that if symptoms are like a runny nose and sneezing, it is perfectly okay to workout provided you are not suffering from weakness, fevers, body chill and aches.

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