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Sleep Disorders! What Causes Snoring And How It Can Be Treated?

Snoring is perhaps your patent companion to your sleep! No one would ever say that they enjoy sleeping with someone’s horrendous snoring in the background!

You’ve tried it all starting from nasal sprays , strips, herbal sips to even keeping the room humidified to get rid of it but no avail. However, almost everyone snores occasionally which is nothing to worry about. If it is daily then it does disrupt yours and others quality of sleep. Fortunately, there are several remedies available for snoring.

Let us have a deep understanding of this vibration of respiratory structures.

What Is Snoring ?

It is a rattling noise caused by vibration of airway tissues at the back of mouth, throat and nose during sleep as we breathe in and out. This happens due to biased blockage in the airways. It is comparatively common in men than women and increases with age.


Causes :


Weight :


Excess body fat and poor muscle shape adds to heavy breathing. Even if you are generally not overweight, having flab in any particular body especially neck or throat or stomach also can cause it. Losing weight through balanced diet and exercise will surely help in reducing it.

Age :


As you reach middle age, throat becomes narrower and muscle tone decreases in throat. We cannot stop growing old therefore changes in lifestyle, routines and throat exercises can prevent it.

Sinus Problems :


Stuffy nose or blocked airways make inhalation difficult and thereby creates a vacuum in the throat.

Smoking, Alcohol and Medications :


Intake of alcohol, smoking and medications can enhance muscle relaxation thereby adding to that rattling noise.

Sleep Posture :


Sleeping flat on the back causes your throat flesh to relax and block airways. Change in sleep posture can help.

Hacks To Prevent and Cure It :

There are several devices available in the market that that claim to help in treating it. These cannot be relied upon completely. However there are plenty of proven techniques that are helpful. To end snoring lifestyle changes, patience as well as the willingness to experiment with solutions are inevitable.


Change Sleeping Posture :


Raising your head by four inches helps in breathing and even allows the jaw and tongue to move forward. There are pillows that can prevent snoring ensuring that the neck muscles are not crimped. Instead of sleeping on your back, sleep on the sides.


Clear Nasal Passages :


Rinse sinuses with saline water prior to going bed. See to it that the nasal passages are cleared. Use nasal strips or decongestant that will help you to ease breathing. Reduce dust mites or use of allergy medicines.

Use Humidifier :


Keep your room moist. Dry air irritates membranes in throat and nose therefore a humidifier may help.


Lifestyle Changes Help You Stop This and Some Of Them are :

Weight Loss :


Losing little weight can reduce the fatty tissues at the back of the throat and thereby decrease snoring.

Stop Smoking :


Chances of snoring are high if you smoke as it irritates the nose and throat membranes which can block airways.

Avoid These Medications :


Avoid sleeping pills, alcohol and sedatives as they relax the throat muscles and interfere with breathing. Consult doctor before you start consuming prescription medications as some have side effects of deep sleep thereby worsening it.

Monitoring the patterns can help to spot the causes, what makes it worse and how to stop it. Either you can record it in diary or your spouse can aid. If you can identify the cause the cure becomes easy.

For better sleep, follow a regular sleeping routine, watch what you drink and eat, switch off lights and electronics before going to bed, avoid long naps and exercise daily.

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