Stay Healthy This Rainy Season With These Tips

The rainy season is the best time to enjoy the monsoon showers. After the scorching heat of summers, this season is an event that deserves celebration. The heavy rains gives huge relief from the sweltering heat but it do bring certain health risks too. Due to the high humidity, virus and bacteria become very active resulting in various infectious diseases.

Although, this is the season of excitement and greenery environment. At the same time it reduces the immunity of our body and makes it more susceptible to health issues. There are more chances of getting infections, allergies and indigestion problems. So, its better to enjoy rain following certain precautions.

You can enjoy the showers of monsoon following the below mentioned tips:

Carry Rain Repulsive items: The best way to prevent yourself from getting drenched in the rain is to carry an umbrella, rain coat or waterproof jackets. It prevents you from getting wet and lowers the chances of water-borne diseases.



Say No To Street Foods: You should control your taste buds by avoiding the oily, tempting, unhygienic street food. Eating these foods may cause digestive problems and airborne or water-borne diseases.



Wash Your Hands: As bacteria and virus are very active during rainy season and you can get in contact with them in a number of ways. So, wash your hands as frequently as you can with soap and warm water.



Sip Herbal Drink: During the rainy season your body get more prone to cold, cough and sore throat. Sipping a cup of herbal tea helps to improve your immunity as it has antibacterial properties and good for overall health. However, the detox herbal drink (containing ingredients such as tulsi and lemongrass) available nowadays are fostered with antioxidants & medicinal properties. As a result, it helps you get relieve from stress & boosts energy as well.



Keep a Check on Mosquito & Maintain Cleanliness: The mosquitoes population tend to increase in stagnant water collected during the rainy season. Therefore, you should keep your surroundings clean and avoid the stagnant water in ditches, potholes, flower pots etc.



Follow Healthy Diet: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they help you restore energy. Avoid heavy salty and fried foods as they can raise your blood pressure. During this season you should avoid eating spicy foods as it raises the body temperature and stimulate blood circulation leading to allergies and skin irritation. To prevent infections, its good to consume bitter vegetables like bitter gourd, bitter herbs as neem and methi seeds.



During the rains, there is a high amount of humidity in the atmosphere due to which our digestive system gets sluggish. So, it is very important to make a healthy choice by eating the right kind of food which is responsible for overall health and wellness. Thus, following these guidelines helps you stay safe and healthy during this pleasant weather. Have a safe and healthy monsoon.

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