Teas that Transform Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that tea can provide the same beauty benefits as commercial beauty products, without any of the harmful chemicals? Incorporating tea in your beauty routine gives you a range of benefits starting from a clear complexion to glistening hair.

Add these 5 powerful teas to your routine to reap the benefits. Just put a handful of the element into water and bring the water to boil. Store the brew in spray bottle and use as and when you feel like.

Rose Tea

• Rose tea works great for all skin types, especially, sensitive skin. It soothes and calms the skin, reduces redness, and acts as an excellent moisturiser. It makes the skin soft and smooth. It’s filled with antibacterial properties that reduce acne and rosacea.

• It makes an excellent clarifying and moisturising hair rinse and smells delightful. Pour a cup of rose tea on your hair, after shampoo and conditioning, to reduce dandruff, moisturise and detangle and add shine and volume to your hair. For best results, don’t rinse the tea out of your hair.

Hibiscus Tea

• Hibiscus tea is an anti-aging product. Its rich in Anthocyanosides and Vitamin C that protect the skin from UV damage, reduce pore size and skin inflammation and increase skin elasticity.

• Hibiscus contains natural hydroxy acids that make skin firm, soft, and bright. It also has mucilage polysaccharides, which moisturises the skin and forms a protective barrier to keep skin healthy.

• Apply the tea on your face, or pour it into a spray bottle and spritz onto your skin twice daily after washing and before moisturising for best results.

• The natural hydroxy reduce dandruff and scalp irritation, and mucilage polysaccharide moisturises hair and reduces tangles. This tea has a strong red-purple hue that adds beautiful red highlights to dark hair.

• Pour a cup of hibiscus tea on your hair, after shampoo and conditioning, and rinse out if you don’t want highlights. If you want reddish highlights, make the tea strong and leave it on. It may take few weeks of consistent use for the highlights to appear.

Chamomile Tea

• Chamomile tea is good for all skin types. It reduces redness, calms the skin, balances the skin’s oils, its antibacterial properties reduce acne and the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

• Apply the tea or spray it on your face after cleansing and before moisturising twice daily.

• This tea gives subtle, golden blonde highlights to ones having blonde, red and brown hair.

• Pour a cup of strong chamomile tea on your hair, after shampoo and conditioning, and leave it on. It generally takes several weeks of consistent use to see the results.

Green Tea

• Green tea is a perfect toner for oily skin. It reduces excess oil, dissolves blackheads and its polyphenols reduce UV damage to the skin.

• Apply it twice daily if you’ve oily skin. For normal and dry skin, apply it once every day.

• If you have oily hair, rinse your hair with a cup of green tea, after shampoo and conditioning to reduce scalp oil. Rinse the tea out for the best results.

• You can even rinse your hair with green tea between washings to clean and reduce scalp oil, without drying out your hair.

Black Tea

• Black tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. The antioxidants prevent UV damage and caffeine reduces skin redness and puffy eyes.

• Apply the tea on your face or spray it on your face after cleansing and before moisturising. This leaves your face looking fresh.

• Caffeine in black tea stimulates the scalp, reduces hair loss, and adds shine to your hair. Its dark pigmentation acts as a natural hair dye.

• Pour a cup of strong black tea on your hair, after shampoo and conditioning, and let it sit for some time. You may rinse or may not. It takes several weeks of continued use to see the results.


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