Tips For A Healthy Weight Loss Naturally

Just losing weight should not be the main motive but doing it in a healthy way is what matters. Weight loss is not a simple task but needs patience and perseverance. Extra body fat leads to several diseases as we grow old. Obesity is termed as ‘silent killer’ these days because of the fatal diseases that it causes. Losing weight naturally includes few tweaks to lifestyle, diet and doing exercise.  

In order to know whether you are overweight or not check the body mass index. After calculation, if it is above 30 then you are obese. Then it is high time you lose that extra kilos stored in your body. Weight loss is not a matter of a day or two. Weight gain does not happen overnight and so does the loss of it.

We bring you some tips on losing weight:

Daily exercise: It is one of the best ways to lose those extra kilos. It helps you to stay fit and prevents several diseases and common infections. Start slowly and consult experts as exercises vary with age and weight.

Follow a healthy diet: Avoid spicy, oily and junk food. Limit your intake of alcohol. Avoid carbonated beverages like fizzy drinks as these are high in calories. Consume fiber rich foods like vegetables and fruits. Have meals containing boiled vegetables as they are low in nutrition and high in nutrition.  

Limit intake of snacks: Snack cravings lead to weight gain and make your body shapeless. Avoid oily snacks like cookies, finger chips, burgers, etc to shed the extras.   

Say ’No’ to sugar: To maintain a healthy body weight, avoid having any sugared items.

Reduce salt intake: Sodium is the main ingredient of salt. Limited salt intake reduces water retention which makes you look plump. Excess sodium causes weight gain.

Drink Herbal Tea: Antioxidants in this tea helps in burning body fat. Having tea without sugar helps faster weight loss. Toxins and harmful body waste present are flushed out with consumption of herbal tree leading to weight loss.

Manage Stress: Stress also causes weight gain. Under stressful conditions body cannot perform its functions leading to weight gain.   

Have your dinner early: Go to bed after two hours of having food. Eating at night, just before going to bed increases weight. Your metabolism slams on the brakes when you go to sleep, so eating at night makes weight gain tough to avoid.

Always remember the aim is not to get a perfect figure but to be healthy.

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