Manage Diabetes In Winter

Tips To Manage Diabetes In Winter

Not many are aware that changes in weather can affect blood sugar levels. It is advisable to take precautions in order to avoid temperature-related rise in sugar levels.

Keep your diabetes devices away from the cold


Cold does affect insulin pump thus avoid exposing it to cold weather. In case you are out of home wear your pump close to body and cover it with a warm clothing. Freezing temperatures breaks down insulin thereby losing its effectiveness. Ensure that blood glucose meter is bundled and protected in a case.

Density of cold in winters do affect glucose , test strips and insulin. Diabetologist do suggest to store the strips in a cool and dry place. Most strips and meters work only when they are kept above 40 degrees.   

Prevent getting sick often

Prevent_getting_sick_often-1484820124.jpgYou cannot get off without having a cough or a cold in this season. If you are sick, stress increases and that adds to the blood sugar. Avoid getting sick often. Do consume more of warm soups and keep sugar free cough syrups handy. Such things would make you feel at ease inside.

Maintain weight


Its not easy to maintain weight especially in this season. Managing weight with diabetes is tricky. Several seasonal treats cannot be avoided and can lead the sugar to increase. A minute weight gain makes it much more difficult to bring diabetes under control. Exercising in winters is tough but it is necessary to have a workout outdoors or indoors.

Keep your hands warm


Warm up your hands if they are cold especially before testing. You can wash them in warm water. The testing meter will work at its best when it is kept in a room that has a temperature between 50 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inspect your feet regularly


The disease is known to cause a loss of feeling in your feet and toes. Protect them with apt winter footwear. Apply moisturizer to the skin of your feet healthy. Do not delay any medical treatment in case of minor or major foot injury.

Diabetes Management is essential for good health. However diabetic patients should consider the weather while making changes to their health regime.

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