Baby's Skin

Tips You Need To Follow To Take Care Of Your Baby's Skin

Babies have a delicate skin that can be easily harmed by harsh chemicals, fragrances, dyes and detergents. Babies’ skin has to deal with various worries like skin irritations, dryness, chafing and rashes. To protect your baby from the skin conditions and yourself from the anxiety of seeing your child in pain, you can follow the following tips.

Only pure cotton

You always want to use the best of the clothing for your baby. Cotton is the recommended fabric for your little one. So, its better to opt for pure cotton that is a natural fibre and is easily breathable as well as gentle.

Avoid scented products

A newborn's skin is very delicate and gets easily affected with harsh chemicals that goes into making of scented products. The first rule to skin care for the newborn is to completely avoid all products that are aromatic in composition.

Wash all clothing before wear

Wash all clothes before they wear it for the first time in baby laundry detergent that is free from fragrance and dyes. Avoid fabric softener in all forms. Wash their clothing including blankets and bedding separate from the family's laundry.

Hydrate skin well

Use fragrance-free baby creams or ointments immediately after every bath or wash. It is very important to moisturize your kid's skin frequently. In dry weather conditions, use heavy moisturizing cream at least twice a day to keep their skin hydrated at all times.

Avoid diaper rash

One of the most common skin problems faced by babies is diaper rash. You can recognize it with the presence of red skin around the diaper area. It occurs mainly when wet diapers are left too long or the diapers are too tight or the presence of some chemical in the detergent, diapers or baby wipes. To avoid these problems, use a good zinc oxide cream on the rash. Keep the area open to air as much as possible and change it as soon as possible. Dry that area fully before putting on a fresh diaper each time you change.
Prickly Heat

Another common problem is the small pinkish red bumps on the baby's skin known as prickly heat. It commonly appears on parts of their body that are prone to sweating like the neck, armpits, skin folds, etc. To combat it, keep the baby in a cool dry environment wearing loose fitting clothes.

Use Powder with Care

Be cautious while using baby powder, keep it away from their face. Babies can inhale the fine grains of the talcum powder or the larger particles of cornstarch that causes lung problems.

Calming touch

Try massaging your baby with a good moisturising cream or oil & lotion. Use it regularly to reduce skin conditions and keep the child calm and relaxed. A recent study suggests that a calming touch on baby triggers hormones, boosts immunity and helps combat various diseases effectively. Try to make eye contact and talk or sing a lullaby to the baby while gently massaging baby's tummy and chest. This will make your baby sleep better, be calmer and cry less.

A sharp eye and a careful approach to baby care along with the steps suggested above will help your baby have skin that is as flawless and pure like the toothless grin that adorns their face.

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