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To All The Marvelous Women Out There : Take Care Of Yourself

International Women’s Day is observed worldwide every year on 8th March. Every woman can take on the world gracefully with her inner strength. All women deserve a pat for their contribution to family, society, country and the whole world.

However, amongst all the juggling that they do, the health part goes unnoticed. There is a lot of stress associated with the social roles women play. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, women should always keep in mind that behind each role there lies an individual with feelings, opinions, thoughts, dreams and desires.

Good mental and physical health lays the foundation of your well being and helps you to function, feel confident and fulfill daily challenges. Women need some nurturing for themselves. Let us have a look at how women can take care of their health and well-being in various ways:

Pay Attention To Yourself


Women tend to neglect themselves while caring for others. Eat quality food and be active as this helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. If your body feels good then it does affect your mental health too in a positive way.

Women need to be more attentive to their diet too. Do not have the leftovers or any excess food of the day just because you do not want to waste them. You are a part of the family and you deserve to have nutritious food. Never starve till next meal. Try having a protein rich diet which includes milk, pulses, lean meat or eggs based on your preferences.

Maintain Good Connections


Create and sustain strong relationships with people who can support as well as improve your quality of life. In fact, like minded friends can help overcome several troubles that you often may have to face alone. Good souls keep you grounded, confident and help to cherish life.

Learn Something New


Learning a new skill could help you to divert from negative stuff and keeps your mind engaged in a flourishing way. It also enhances mental fitness and helps to grow as an individual.

Rest Enough


Get considerable amount of rest in the form of sleep or engage in your favourite pursuits. Practice good habits to get sound sleep as this aids to restore body and mind. Give at least five to ten minutes alone time to refresh. For example daydream or meditate or allow the mind to wander or engage in your hobbies for a while.

Enjoy The Moment


Learn to simply enjoy the moment - feel it. One gets tangled in thinking about the past or future planning instead of enjoying the present moment. Sometimes just let it be.

Regular Health Checkups


Never ignore your health. Women do suffer from lifestyle issues as they do not look after themselves. Be well informed of several such diseases. Proper diet and exercise is the solution to several health issues. Do consult gynecologist and go for other checkups at regular intervals.

Express Your Opinion


Your voice is not only a medium of connection but also emotions and thoughts that are expressed verbally. Never restrain yourself from expressing. Be relaxed and confident while talking. Make your voice heard.

Pamper Yourself


Most women love to pamper their loved ones. Nonetheless, once in a while they can do something for themselves too. There is nothing wrong in occasional self-indulgence. You can have an outing with your friends, gift yourself something, visit a beauty salon, cook your favourite dish, take a catnap and so much more. Such activities make you feel good from inside.

There is a tendency among women to put their parents, siblings, in-laws , husband and anyone whom they are close, before themselves. Every woman should take out some “me time” and enjoy their lives irrespective of the roles they play.

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