Try Healthy Food Options This Ganeshotsav: Food Scientist Dr. Amitava Sarkar Speaks

It is that time of the year again when the deity of prosperity is arriving on the Earth to defeat all the evils and enlighten our lives with happiness, wellbeing and peace. Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and we are all excited to celebrate the occasion.

Vinayaka Chaviti or Ganesh Chaturthi can definitely be defined as the Festival of Foods. Modak, Puran Poli, Puri-Bhaji… the list is long enough to flood our mouths and make our hearts melt. It is tough to check on calorie counts and control ourselves from gulping down that one extra piece of sugar-coated sin or another oil-drenched puri. People with cholesterol, obesity and diabetes get into a big dilemma as eating sweets and fried food is a traditional way of celebration but it could affect one’s cholesterol level, blood glucose level and weight management process.

So let’s celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 with healthy food options that are not only tasty but also can be made easily at home.

Jaggery Modak

Ganesh Chaturthi is simply ‘incomplete’ without this sweet delicacy! We all love to ‘eat and repeat’ this particular sweet but consuming it in excess is obviously not good for us. Though it looks innocent since it is steamed and not fried, the sugar content becomes the villain. Modak made of Jaggery can be a saviour! Jaggery, a natural sweetener is rich in iron and helps in cleansing our liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Cherish the togetherness by sharing this Jaggery Modak with all your family members!

Rajgira Laddoo

Rajgira or Amaranth is a nutrient-dense grain. It is a magnificent source of magnesium, iron and vitamin A, B and C, protein and calcium. On one hand, it is good for our bone and heart health, and on the other hand, its Zinc content boosts our immune system. That’s why it’s suitable for children and elderly people who are more prone to allergies and infections. Keeping the COVID backdrop in mind, Rajgira Ladoo deserves a special place in our Ganesh Chaturthi diet.


Now it’s time to change the taste and try something salty. Thalipeeth is one of the healthiest Maharashtrian delicacies to indulge in this Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a multi-grain pancake made from nutritious grains like Chana Daal, Urad Daal, Wheat and Rice. We can give a healthy twist to the traditional recipe by adding oats, green chillies and ginger. Thalipeeth is usually served with butter or ghee but walking the healthier route, yoghurt is the best option. So binge on this healthy yet delicious savoury on Ganesh Chaturthi and stay fit.

Baked Samosa

A Samosa can be a healthy food option! Surprised, right? This time let’s ditch the deep-fried samosas and give the Baked Avatar a chance. We can even make the triangle healthier by substituting potato with ‘good vegetables’ like peas, beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and cauliflower. Now, stay home, bake your samosas and have them without feeling guilty!


This yellow, spongy and delicious snack is healthy as it’s made from yoghurt and chickpea flour (besan). Dhokla can surely sort out your evening gatherings with a rich source of protein and vitamin B. This festive season, Dhokla should be on your list if you are looking for fat-free healthy food recipes.

Dry Fruits & Trail Mixes

We experience frequent hunger pangs between meals during the festive season. Keeping the health-related restrictions aside, we get carried away by the festive mood and end up having fried chips, snacks, sweets etc. to satisfy our small cravings. This causes acidity and indigestion. So choose your favourite seasonal fruits or a handful of dry fruits or a pack of trail mix – consisting of nutrient-rich roasted seeds and dry fruits, to temporarily satisfy your hunger pangs.


Most processed beverages contain a large amount of sugar, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives which are threats to your health. Here are a few tasty & healthy options that you can choose from: mosambi juice, coconut water, lemon juice or any other fresh fruit juices, sharbat (having honey instead of sugar), lassi, and masala chaas. You can also choose to have healthy teas.

So you see, following a healthy diet during the festive season is not difficult or boring, if only you replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives!

During festivals, we have a tradition of gifting packets of sweets and snacks and gifting them to our loved ones. So why not gift something special this Ganesh Chaturthi? Let’s choose health over calories and gift the specially curated SastaSundar Happy Festival Health Box available at! It’s a delectable range of gift boxes categorised as Gold, Platinum and Diamond, and contain premium quality dry fruits loaded with various nutrients. Still, thinking? Grab a box of health and happiness now, gift it to your dear ones and make the most of Ganeshotsav 2021!


- Vetted by

Dr. Amitava Sarkar

Food Scientist, Ph.D Jadavpur University

President - Health Foods,;

CEO & Executive Director - Happymate Foods Ltd.

Certified Lead Auditor-ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System)


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