Try To Manage Stress As It Can Trigger Migraine

No other weight is as heavy as the burden of stress on our shoulders. Stress causes lifestyle imbalance and sometimes also a migraine. Health experts say social, emotional, physical and relationship strains often cause a stress-related migraine. They affect our levels of awareness causing excess stimulation of panic hormones inducing excitement, worry, anxiety and pressure. These changes usually disrupt our normal reasoning capacity to cause a negative feeling of fear, anger and heart palpitations which triggers a migraine.

Causes for Stress

People who suffer from a migraine often have a list of items to avoid the pain but stress is something that can never be predicted or calculated in a similar pattern. It catches you unawares and throws you in the throes of pain. So let us analyse the root grounds for stress which are usually relationship matters, death, crowded space, traffic, legal issues, money matters, deadlines, loss of job, deadlines, confrontations, accidents, retirement, illness, new job, transfer, marriage, baby, divorce, etc.

Signs of Stress

Once you are aware of the exact cause of stress, you can start looking out for warning signs and tame your body to respond positively. This control will initiate steps to reduce the effect of stress on your body and thus, avoid a migraine.

The signs of stress are usually, anger, lack of concentration, mood swings, sadness, sweaty palms, weight loss or gain, fatigue, withdrawal from friends and other relationships, nausea, lack of appetite, etc.

Ways to cope stress and migraine

Living with constant stress is almost a way of modern life but you can identify some techniques or strategies to continue life without the pain of a stress-caused-migraine.


Regular exercise keeps the body free of toxins and enhances your body metabolism, this, in turn, prevents migraine attacks. Exercising plans that involve a minimum of 30 minutes of light physical activity helps you de-stress, fight your worries and lower your anxiety issues. You can indulge in gardening, play with small children, walk, play badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash, etc. These activities will help you unwind from the daily stress, keep you energetic and in a positive frame of mind.

Proper Diet

Overall wellness of health is always determined by a healthy diet. People suffering from migraines should maintain proper food routine or schedule. They should focus on foods low in fat, lean meats, whole grains, fruits, salads and vegetables provide energy to the body and keeps toxins, gas and acidity at bay while checking off a stress-related migraine. At any cost avoid smoking and any alcoholic beverage and also a lifestyle which is detrimental to your health.

Relax technique

The best way to keep emotional stress far away from you is by keeping your expectations lower and accepting that all incidents cannot be controlled by self. In situations which are out of control, be assertive instead of aggressive. Maintain emotionally supportive relationships that help you come out of irresponsible lifestyles. Above all learn the art to relax. Maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem. You can practise regular yoga, meditation or biofeedback. Ensure a minimum of 6 to 8 hours sleep regularly.

Research shows that these factors keep your autonomic nervous system and the neuroendocrine system working in perfect order which in turn checks the migraine pain. The good diet, exercise and relax-techniques ease the prolactin, melatonin and cortisol levels in check which reduces a chronic migraine to a large extent.

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