Under the Skin of Friendship - A Peel off My Story

“I just don’t believe this! Of all people, God chooses me! ME,” I shouted, exasperated. Tears welled up my eyes as I stared at the mirror, pointlessly! A giant reddish swelling on my right cheek stared back. Again. Bingo, another pimple! That too on the most-planned for and most-awaited day of the year– the day of my best friend’s wedding!

Hello guys, I am Nabanita and this is my sad, sad story- a story of deep struggle and borderline insanity centering around the small, pink spots on my face.

It was my best friend Payal’s (real name hidden) wedding. Like every other wedding, there was this huge deal of excitement all around! The shoes matched the designer blouse, and the colour of the purse and nail polish were of contrasting shades. The months leading to the big day were dotted with tiring trips to marketplaces- both shops and sites. The parlour aunty was as excited as we were- the deep cleansing facials got frequent.

Everything was flowing as smooth as the wings of my spirit. However, seeds of anxiety remained. My facial skin is highly pimple-prone; I live in this round-the-clock restlessness that one fine morning, zits will rule my world! So as a preventive measure before Payal’s wedding day, I went to all sorts of extreme to ensure that not one tiny bump breaks loose. I kept my face squeaky clean, ate and drank healthy, tried getting my eight-hours sleep and even avoided wearing make-up for long hours. Luckily, for days there was no sign of a spot; but unluckily, I forgot that one golden Latin saying that goes, ‘Man proposes, but God disposes.’

A brilliantly well-formed and painful pimple greeted me on the morning of the wedding. First, I felt lost, then angry, and then finally when it settled in, I decided that I am not going to the wedding! I didn’t want to call Payal and have her shout at me for crying over such a petty issue; but, pimples were beyond a petty issue for me now– they were my mortal enemies! After much overthinking, I turned to my other friends for help and they, in turn, turned me to the parlour aunty. The all-understanding lady caked my face with layers of make-up, and when, I finally had the chance to look at myself in the mirror– I was whitewashed! As my own reflection took a few minutes to sink in, my eyes met the awful sight of the now-paler pimple bump. It was still very much there!

The wedding was grand, to say the least, but I reached late. It was full of pretty people- to me, people with zero skin problems. Parlour aunty had styled my hair strategically to hide the pimple-side of my face, well at least partially. I cringed every time people came over to greet me; I felt everyone’s eyes lingering on my cheek. I avoided going up to Payal; somehow I felt, my sorrow would seep inside her as well, and it was such a happy day for her! I moved towards the buffet section, to find comfort in food instead.

“No messages, no calls! And, you come to my wedding for food!” hissed an angry voice behind me. Payal caught me – guilty! I turned to face my best friend who looked like she was made of dreams; the hair, the dress, the flowers complemented her perfectly. But, not everything felt quite alright! Quizzed by my questioning eyes, Payal grimaced and pointed at her cheek. The sight made it difficult for my laughter to stay inside– for dishonouring the layers of make-up and showering love of relatives, there on the right cheek of my best friend too, stood tall a disobedient bump of pimple!

Down the years, Payal and I have been laughing over this incident over and over again. I realised how melodramatic I was – planning to miss my best friend’s wedding over a pimple! Having said this, it is also true that skin problems, no matter how minor, should never be considered ‘normal’; they are tell-tale signs of underlying health and lifestyle issues. Next week, a city dermatologist will guide us on these very same lines. Crying over painful pimples hardly helps- let’s hold hands and (literally!) face tomorrow on a beautiful note; the solution is just around the corner of this week…

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