Ways To Deal With Hypertension And Overcome It

Treating hypertension in a responsible manner means to adopt a multi-pronged approach to profess a new lifestyle along with advised medications. Here are a few lifestyle changes that will help lower high blood pressure easily.

Weight check

High blood pressure is more common among the obese than among the slimmer population. Weight reduction has a direct correlation to reducing heart diseases as proved by researchers. So maintaining a healthy weight is one of the first priorities for combating hypertension. Furthermore, increased weight also causes disrupted breathing while sleeping, known as sleep apnea, which shoots your blood pressure further upwards.

Heart friendly diet

Consult a recognised dietician or your doctor to find out the best types of food that can help you lower the blood pressure. Avoid non-vegetarian options and eggs. Opt for a diet that is rich in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy controls cholesterol and saturated fat intake thereby reducing the blood pressure. Reducing the intake of sodium in your diet also helps and thereby increasing the potassium intake lessens the effects of sodium on your body. Omega 3 fatty acid is another nutrient that keeps your heart healthy and reduces elevated blood pressure.

Smoking and drinking

Drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medications and can actually raise it by several points. Furthermore, each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure and makes your heart more susceptible to a stroke or attack.

Reduce stress

Stress contributes in a big way to the high blood pressure especially when we react to stress with unhealthy diet choices, unfriendly lifestyle choices, less sleep, drinking and smoking. Eliminating all stress factors is not possible as they are often related to our regular life like work, family or illness. But recognising the cause and dealing with it in a sensible manner can be very effective. You can mentally condition yourself to accept the situation and change your expectations or you can plan out a way to solve it more responsibly. Most importantly, learn to relax with inhaling and exhaling techniques, adopt a hobby where you can enjoy yourself or indulge in social activities where you come in contact with people who need your concern and appreciate your effort.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity is a vital requirement to keep your hypertension under check. A 30-minute walk, at least, three times a week can be of great help to control blood pressure levels. You can also opt for cycling, yoga, Pilates, swimming, dancing, jogging or other strength building formats. Consult your doctor about your exercise program for ensuring safety.

Monitoring at home

A regular routine of monitoring at home ensures that you are constantly aware of the lows and highs of your blood pressure. This guides you to note the extent of risk for developing coronary heart disease and alerts you about the complications too. Furthermore, your recordings help your healthcare provider to determine better treatments and advice for you.

The above steps will help you control your hypertension and maintain normal blood pressure readings. To help make these changes more permanent and successful try adding one step at a time.

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