World Health Day: Healthy Lifestyle Can Beat Diabetes

World Health Day: Healthy Lifestyle Can Beat Diabetes

April 7, known as the World Health Day celebrated by World Health Organisation. The main theme of this year is “Stop the Rise, Beat Diabetes”. This disease is often associated with the urban population and is the third leading risk factor for increasing mortality rate.There are many factors such as rapid urbanisation, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet which are responsible for the rising prevalence of the diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the biggest global challenge. It is a chronic, metabolic disease characterised by the elevated blood glucose level which may cause serious health issues damaging the heart blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves.It also reduces the sensation. The minor injuries turn into major like ulcer and develop infection. It can cause serious health problems if not treated on time.

Do you know, we Indians are more prone to diabetes than the rest of the world. Its because of our sedentary lifestyle like watching television, playing video games and internet surfing for long hours, constant binging of junk foods with low levels of physical activity. Due to this unhealthy lifestyle, it leads to the obesity which is the main factor responsible for the rising case of diabetes. Along with it, the blood pressure, cholesterol also get increased which leads to the thickening of arteries and coronary blockage.

According to World Health Organisation, about 350 million people worldwide are suffering from the blood sugar disease. However, the expected count is likely to get doubled in the next 20 years, thus becomes an alarming situation which needs to be addressed immediately. The rise of type 2 diabetes in the adolescent age group has become a cause of concern.

With the advance medications available nowdays, the diabetes can be managed effectively. The efforts should be taken to follow the preventive measures rather than taking the medication later. Making the simple lifestyle changes, tackling obesity, eating well balance diet and following regular exercise, we can reverse the reduce the risk of high sugar level in early stages.

On this World Health Day, lets take a pledge to join the global fight against diabetes by following the effective measures in preventing the onset of lifestyle disorder diabetes. For those, who are suffering from this disease should control it following healthy lifestyle. Thus, awareness about the disease will help beat diabetes ensuring the better health of people combating the disease.

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