World Heart Day

World Heart Day: Tips To Maintain A Healthy Heart

World Heart day is observed on September 29th every year to increase awareness on cardiovascular diseases. Heart ailments have been considered as a leading cause of death but that gives us no reason to not take care of it. However, it is beyond our control to change certain risk factors for related ailments like age, sex, family history. There are certain measures which you can adopt to prevent cardiovascular diseases. A healthy lifestyle will make your heart healthy and strong. It goes a long way in keeping it in a good condition. Here are several prevention tips that you can start with:

Ditch Tobacco


Using tobacco or smoking is one of the major risk factors in developing a heart disease. The chemicals in tobacco can damage blood vessels and the core body part as it can narrow the arteries due to build up of plaque that leads to a heart attack. The carbon monoxide in the smoke replace the oxygen in your blood. This shoots up blood pressure that compels it to work even more harder in order to supply enough oxygen. Comparatively smokers and women who use birth control pills are at higher risk of having a stroke as it adds to the possibility of blood clot. The so called occasional smoking can also be dangerous. As soon as you quit, the risk begins to come down automatically.  

Daily Exercise oO 30 Minutes


Getting some regular, daily exercise can reduce your probability of developing such diseases. Physical activity coupled with healthy lifestyle measures reaps great benefits. Your weight remains under control and therefore brings down the chances of developing other health issues that can strain your heart. Normally, one should exercise in moderation like brisk walking for about thirty minutes at least five days a week. However, even small amounts of exercise does benefit you overall. In order to achieve healthy body strenuous exercises are not required. Activities like housekeeping, gardening, taking stairs all add to it . Just increase duration and frequency of exercising your body.  

Adopt A Balanced Diet


A healthy diet can bring down the risk of heart diseases. Include seasonal fruits, whole grains, vegetables to protect your heart. This enhances cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels. Consume fat-free or low fat dairy products , fish, lean meats. Too much of sugar and salt should be totally avoided. Limit the fat intake. Avoid trans and saturated fats. Saturated fat foods include: Red meat, fatty dairy products. Transfat sources include: deep-fried fast foods, packaged foods, bakery items, chips, cookies, margarine.

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods are known to have trans fat. Healthy fats from nuts, avocado, olive oil , olives lowers bad cholesterol. Help yourself with two or more servings of fish like tuna, salmon. One should also keep an eye on alcohol consumption. You can drink moderately but do not go overboard. One drink a day for adults and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and even younger is heart healthy. Too much of it becomes a hazard.   

Aim To Get Good Sleep


A good full night sleep of at least six to eight hours are very important. It gives healthy arteries.  

Keep Blood Pressure Under Control


Too high BP can damage artery walls making blood and oxygen flow to and from the nucleus of the body. If it does not get oxygen it has to pump harder. Check it once every two years if already high.  

Heart diseases are on a rise that are dependent on several factors like changing lifestyles, aging, bad eating habits and socio-economic aspects. Exercise regularly, manage stress and have a balanced diet for a fit heart. Do conduct health checkups and consult with doctor as per need.

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